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Supplier Requirements for Machining

Requirement:  Ensure that externally provided processes, products, and services conform to requirements.

Apply controls to externally provided processes, products and services when:

     products and services are provided for incorporation into the organization’s products and services;

     products and services are provided directly to the customer(s) on behalf of the organization;

     a process, or part of a process, is provided as a result of our decision.

Establish and apply criteria for the evaluation, selection, monitoring of performance and re-evaluation of external providers based on their ability to provide processes or products and services in accordance with specified requirements.

Retain documented information of the results of the evaluations, monitoring of the performance and re-evaluations.

Our Approach: We ensure that all of our suppliers of processes, products and services (8.4) conform to all applicable requirements.  We apply sufficient controls to any provider of products or services that:

·         are directly incorporated into our products or services;

·         are provided directly to the customer on our behalf; or,

·         provide a process, or part of a process requested by us.

Our criteria for selection, evaluation, performance and re-evaluation practices, is described in the table below:






Customer specified supplier



Project completion



Technical specifications



Price and availability



Product quality



On time delivery



Quality System implementation




The Accountant is responsible for controlling the purchasing process and for maintaining appropriate records. Approved suppliers are listed in our Accounting software. External providers are evaluated during our Management Reviews.

As of the initial release of this document, all current suppliers in good standing are considered to be approved.

Type and extent of control

Requirement:   Ensure that externally provided processes, products and services do not adversely affect the ability to consistently deliver conforming products and services to customers by:

     ensuring that externally provided processes remain within the control of the QMS;

     defining both the controls that are intended to be applied to an external provider and those intended to be applied to the resulting output;

     taking into consideration the potential impact of the externally provided processes, products and services on the ability to consistently meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; and the effectiveness of the controls by the external provider;

     determining the verification, or other activities, necessary to ensure that the externally provided processes, products and services meet requirements.

Our Approach: The controls (8.4.2) that we apply to our external providers are decided on an individual basis.  We ensure all suppliers remain in control in our quality management system and apply other controls as necessary by product, service or situation.

Information for external providers

Requirement:  Ensure adequate requirements prior to communicating to the external provider, and communicate the requirements for:

     the processes, products and services to be provided;

     approval or release of products and services, methods, processes or equipment;

     competence of personnel, including necessary qualification;

     their interactions with the QMS;

     the control and monitoring of the external provider’s performance to be applied;

     verification or validation activities that the organization, or customers, intend to perform at the external provider’s premises.

Ensure the adequacy of specified requirements prior to communicating to the external provider.

Our Approach: Prior to communicating with suppliers, we ensure that all applicable requirements are clearly identified.  These may include requirements relating to products, services, supplier processes, certifications or personnel, and any verification or validation that the supplier provides at their premises.

The purchasing information (Information for Externa, Providers) is communicated to suppliers via purchase orders and/or contracts.