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Corporate Office: 440 Caswell Lane Mt. Sterling, KY

Safety Mission Statement

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C&C Industrial embraces safety as an essential component of the growth, success, and well-being of our organization. We are committed to preserving the safety and health of our employees, those involved with our operations, our customers, and the public. Our fundamentals lie in three unyielding pursuits: exceptional quality, rigorous standards, and unwavering commitment to best-practice safety procedures. Our management’s leadership, commitment, and accountability establish policy, provide perspective, sets expectations, and provide the resources for successful operations. We recognize Operational Safety Integrity requires leadership and commitment visible to the organization, and accountability at all levels. 


Our comprehensive risk assessments reduce health, environmental, and safety risks and mitigate the consequences of incidents by providing essential information for decision-making. Control of safety operations depends upon people. Achieving our Operational Safety Integrity requires the appropriate ongoing assessments, proper training of employees, and continuous safety improvement practices. 


C&C ensures the management and mitigation of risks in our operations and procedures. Site standards are evaluated and managed to ensure that operational safety risks arising from changes or shifting priorities remain at an acceptable level. Third parties doing work on our behalf impact our operations and our reputation. We require that those third parties perform in a manner that is consistent with our safety policies and business objectives. 


C&C Industrial’s effective and methodical incident investigation, reporting, and follow-up are necessary to achieve Operational Safety Integrity. This provides the opportunity to learn from reported incidents and to use the information to take corrective action and prevent a recurrence. Our Emergency Planning and Preparedness are essential to ensure that in the event of an incident, all necessary actions are taken for the protection of the public, our customers, the environment, and company personnel and assets. 


We firmly recognize that the assessment of our Operational Safety Integrity depends on the degree to which expectations are met and is essential to improve integrity and maintain accountability for our organization. C&C Industrial’s commitment to Safety and Health will take precedence. 

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